Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete my qualification?

From the point of purchase, you will have one year to complete your qualification. From then on, you can extend your access for a further year, for 50% of the current price of the qualification.


Are the qualifications CPD accredited?

Yes, all of our qualifications are fully CPD accredited. After completion of your qualification, and you are deemed ‘competent’ – you will receive a Professional Certificate and CPD Certificate.


How do I complete my qualification?

Once you have paid for your qualification, all of the applicable units will be added into your own LMS, ready for you to start straight away. Just click on the course you want to start, and you can get right on with learning.


What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System – which is a platform for completing online learning. Our LMS was created in Moodle – the industry standard – so you know you’re getting the best quality system on the market.


How do I know when my assignments are graded?

Once your assignment has been graded, you will receive an email informing you and linking you to your score and feedback, with an opportunity to resubmit if you have been graded ‘not yet competent’.


How do I know I’ve been graded as competent?

You will be able to view each course’s percentage completion via the ‘my portal’ link on your account. This will tell you how far you are through each unit (and the qualification in total). Once a unit is marked as 100%, you have been graded as ‘competent’.


Do I have to complete the same unit again if it’s in another qualification?

No, don’t worry – our system will recognise any previously completed units and mark them as 100% complete in any of your future qualifications. You don’t have to do anything.


Do I have to finish one unit before I can move on to the next one?

No, you can complete all of your units concurrently, and in any order you like. Qualification Central is committed to delivering flexible learning to suit your needs.


What if I’m graded as ‘not yet satisfactory’?

If you are graded as ‘not yet satisfactory’ in an activity (marked as a score of 0), you will be allowed to resubmit your answer. Our assessors will give you feedback on how to improve your answer, and will then grade your amended answer. We will give you as many tries as you need for an activity – our aim is to help you pass.


What if I’m not sure how to answer an activity?

Just email, referencing the unit code and activity number – we’ll then be able to point you in the right direction.


How many qualifications do you offer? What if I can’t see what I’m looking for?

We currently offer over 130 qualifications (as of January 2019), but we are constantly adding more qualifications to our library. If you are looking for a specific qualification that isn’t up on our site, get in touch with us, and we can tell you whether we are due to launch it shortly.